Students whitening

Adults whitening

Do you know with today’s technology teeth whitening can be done shortly before your special occasion and it will still work perfectly? Teeth can become discoloured and stained over time due to coffee, tea, wine, curry, and smoking.

Teeth whitening is quick and easy with the POLA System. The POLA system is an Australian product, known to be safe with controlled amounts of bleaching agent.

We also offer ZOOM whitening. You have the choice of “Take Home” (from our dentist) or “In-Chair” which is applied at the clinic.

How it works

As the whitening product is applied to the tooth, it breaks down into water and oxygen ions. These enter the enamel and attack the long stain molecules to break them into short and colourless ones. These short and colourless molecules are naturally removed from the tooth by saliva.

Whitening can be repeated every 6-12 months.

Make an appointment with our dentist to get your teeth checked for the safety of teeth whitening.

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Terms and Conditions

Patients will need to undergo extensive oral and dental examinations, and a series of X-rays may be needed prior to application of teeth whitening.

All restorations, root canal therapy, extractions etc. need to be addressed prior to application of teeth whitening.

Teeth whitening can cause teeth sensitivity. Please talk to your dentist if you suffer from teeth sensitivity. The dentist will discuss possibilities of minimise the sensitivity prior to application of teeth whitening.